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02-01-2012, 21:21

jens engholm

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Aangemeld: 02-01-2012
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2.nd Truckmeeting in Odense V Denmark 2012

    Hello trucker friends.

    Rc Model Truck Fyn in Odense V, Denmark invites You to the very big event in Odense, Denmark only 1Ż hour driving from the German border.

    Back in 2011 we also had this our very first RC Model Truck meeting with more than 76 truckers.

    Now we will invite You our Dutch friends also to join us this year, the meeting will take place in an Sport Hal called S°hus Hallen, Bispeengen 3, 5270 Odense N on Fyn.
    Opening days are:
    Saturday 08.00 - 20.00
    Sunday 08.00 - 20.00

    The meeting will take place on 2 days, but if You want You can choose only to join us on 1 day.

    There will be a little few to join the meeting, this will be EUR 20,15 for 1 day and EUR 33,58 for both days, this will include breakfast at 09.00 and lunch at 12.00 and dinner at 18.00, all this are including in the fee for the meeting, also You will have FREE coffe or tea and cake for free all the day.

    We will have a small outlet with softwater, candy and other stuff, if You still are hungry...

    If You want to stay booth days We will arrange overnight at the nearby school in a classroom or we can help You to find some Bed & Brakfast nearby, there are a lot of those.

    Take a look at this link, these are pictures from the meeting in 2011 in Odense.

    Hope that this meeting will be of interest for You, so please contact the club on this E-mail adress formand@rcmodeltruckfyn.dk

    Until now there are roundabout 60 "minitruckkers" for this years meeting.

    We will be very happy to have some of You to join the truck meeting.

    The will also be some dealers at the meeting, like from Germany Der Getriebe Doktor and also som local have showed their interst.

    Hope to see some very good truckbuilders from Holland, we have seen that You can build some nice models, see You in febuary 25. - 26.

    Best Regards
    And a Happy New Year to all of You.

    Jens Engholm
    RC Model Truck Fyn
    Odense V
    mobile ++45 24402148

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13-01-2012, 20:04

jens engholm

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Aangemeld: 02-01-2012
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Re: 2.nd Truckmeeting in Odense V Denmark 2012 (Re: jens engholm)

    Not anybodt coming to Odense, Denmark for a very funny week-end???

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